Carmen EP









‘CARMEN’ will be released in 2014 through Heard and Felt Music. The EP draws on subtle flavours of Latin American music, Chip and Glitch Music, retro 8-bit sounds, Post Dubstep and Bass, and minimal yet expressive harmonic, melodic and vocal colours to create an overall refreshingly unique sound.

Contact cygorman@gmail.com for more details on the EP release date, to book Cy for a show or production or to arrange a donation.

“A twisted vision of where progressive bass and electronic musicians should be going.”
Dave Ruby Howe, JJJ Radio Australia

“It took Melbourne’s Cy Gorman to bring it all home with his heavy productions for all the Wonky-Soul-Hop fans… Stevie Wonder influenced, deep electronica, and tough club friendly remixes, this guy’s got it all…”
Ennio Styles, RRR Radio, Melbourne Australia.